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Ann Kuttner received her B.A. (1978) in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology from Bryn Mawr College and Ph.D. (1987) from the Group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology at the University of California, Berkeley. Professor Kuttner was Associate Professor in Univ. of Toronto’s Dept. of Fine Art before arriving at Penn in 1992.

Research Interests

Her research and teaching interests lie in Hellenistic, Roman and Late Antique socio-political history, visual language, and material culture. She also advises projects in the Renaissance rapprochement with the Roman legacy. Long interested in luxury arts as domestic display, and public sculptural decoration and architectural programming commemorative and religious, she also explores landscape architecture, painting, the character of the Roman domus and villa and their arts, and relations between textual production and visual language. Issues of cultural contact and appropriation in situations of empire, among multiple peoples of the Hellenistic and Roman world, interest her.

Courses Taught

ARTH 1010: World Art and Civilization Before 1400 (instructors vary from semester to semester)

ARTH 2250/ARTH 6250/AAMW 6250/CLST 3401: Greek Art and Artifact

ARTH 2260/ARTH 6260/AAMW 6260/CLST 3402: Hellenistic and Roman Art and Artifact

ARTH 3250/CLST 3409: Classical Mythology in the Western Tradition

ARTH 3251/CLST 3410: Arts of the Roman House, Villa, and Palace Seminar

ARTH 3252/CLST 3411: Violence in Ancient Mediterranean Art Seminar

ARTH 4250/ CLST 3406: Late Antique Arts

ARTH 4270/ CLST 3405: Roman Sculpture

ARTH 5230/ AAMW 5230/CLST 5412: Narrative in Ancient Art

ARTH 5250/AAMW 5250/CLST 7403: Borderlines: Art and Artifact in the Roman Empire

ARTH 5251/AAMW 5251/CLST 7404: Roman Political Art Seminar

ARTH 5252/AAMW 5252/CLST 7405: Late Antique Art and Artifact Seminar

ARTH 5253/AAMW 5253/CLST 7406: Violence in Ancient Mediterranean Art Seminar

ARTH 5254/AAMW 5254/CLST 7407/ITAL 5254: Myth Through Time and in Time Seminar (co-taught with Prof. Shira Brisman)


Field of Study