The History of Art Department offers a Master of Arts degree for students wishing to deepen their knowledge of art and the critical methods employed in the study of art. 

Upon receiving their M.A., Penn graduates have gone on to hold curatorial positions in national and local museums, auction houses, and galleries.  Students have also used their M.A. as a stepping stone to Ph.D. programs, receiving admission to many prestigious Ph.D. departments in the US and overseas.  Faculty closely mentor and work with M.A. students to achieve the students’ goals and to prepare them for their desired career path.

The M.A. Program is a terminal degree program lasting two years. Students admitted for the M.A. do not automatically receive admission after the M.A. into the Ph.D. program; students wishing to continue must apply to the Ph.D. program.  Students admitted for the M.A. normally do not receive University Fellowships, although they may apply for outside awards to support their graduate study.

Further details regarding the graduate program may be found in the Graduate Bulletin.