BA - Emory
MA - University of Pennsylvania

Stephanie Gibson is an art/architectural historian and cultural critic interested in the ways in which groups and societies construct their monumental landscape. She holds a BA magna cum laude from Emory University and an MA from the University of Pennsylvania. Her dissertation looks at monuments of the Black Atlantic to examine the varied ways architects and other designers have responded to the large and important challenges of representing and repairing the trauma and loss suffered by these communities. Her work provides a theoretical framework, rooted in Black memory studies, for understanding the methods and techniques that are utilized in the creation of new monuments that memorialize trauma and pain in an effort to correct the historical record. 

She has presented her work at conferences including the 5th Annual Wollesen Memorial Graduate Symposium, The Art of Passage: Transnational Encounters and the Convergence of Cultures at the University of Toronto and the 2021 Bermuda Cultural Stakeholder Conference. Her paper “The Same but not Quite: An Exploration of the Mythology and Mimicry of the Bermudian Gombey Costume” was published in the peer reviewed University of Toronto art journal, The Wollesen.

Research Interests

Latin America & the Caribbean, The Black Atlantic, memory studies, and urban studies

Field of Study