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Dr. Shank worked with FORTH IESL in Herakleion applying infrared and ultraviolet light with the MuSIS 2007 system to the Throne Room Fresco from Knossos as part of her PhD for Temple University. This resulted in the discovery of the tip of a wing that can be added to one of the griffins in the wall painting. She is currently in charge of the study, reconstruction, and publication of the LM IA Lustral Basin frescoes from Chania under the direction of Maria Vlazaki. She has published on iconographic issues of griffins, Nilotic Scenes, Miniature Wall Painting styles, and the mature female figures from Xeste 3 at Akrotiri. She is the Director of the Aegean Plaster and Fresco Online Bibliographic Corpus and teaches at the University of Pennsylvania's History of Art Department. As United States Coordinator for the Study Center she oversees administrative functions for the Center based at the US Office in Philadelphia.

Research Interests

Aegean Bronze Age Art and Architecture, Wall Paintings, iconography, Minoan and Mycenaean Religion, Akrotiri

Courses Taught

ARTH 520: Topics in Aegean Bronze Age: Minoan and Cycladic Wall Paintings in Context

ARTH 520: Topics in Aegean Bronze Age: Minoan and Mycenaean Luxury Items

ARTH 520: Topics in Aegean Bronze Age: Aegean Style Wall Paintings in Greece, Ane and Egypt