November 23, 2022

In Conversation: Arthur Tress’ Japanese Illustrated Books and Contemporary Photographs

The Kislak Center presents a curatorial collaboration among students, professors, and librarians.

by Jessa Glassman | November 10, 2022 | Photo by Jojo Buccini

"...The exhibition was curated by graduate students from two seminar classes as well as an independent study spearheaded by Davis in fall 2019, spring 2020, and spring 2022, respectively. Davis describes encouraging her students to think through the connections between Tress’ photographs and collected artifacts in her courses: 'A lot of his photographs are responses to themes that he sees in the books, and some of them aren’t. But because the books were selected by him, I threw out this challenge to students. … The students were so open–minded and creative that they came up with totally different approaches than I would. ...'"

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