Sonal Khullar at a Kislak Center event on March 24, 2023. (Image: Jen Strickland)

April 11, 2023

Sonal Khullar on books, art, and ‘love in the stacks’

The history of South Asian art professor discusses books, art, and love through her edited volume ‘Old Stacks, New Leaves: The Arts of the Book in South Asia.’

Penn Today | by Kristina Garcia | April 10, 2023

Everyone has a different relationship to books. There are memories of cracking a spine within the hushed stacks during graduate studies, of childhood afternoons spent holed up with a favorite volume, desperately turning pages to find out if, and how, Alice ever made it out of Wonderland. As stories and as physical objects, books captivate readers who may run a light finger along the lines or check the back to read about the typography, wishing to linger after an ending. Books speak to craftsmanship. 

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Sonal Khullar’s latest book is “Old Stacks, New Leaves: The Arts of the Book in South Asia.” (Image: Jen Strickland)