Claude Monet’s The Japanese Footbridge, 1899 (Image: Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington)

April 2, 2024

IMPRESSIONISM AND THE MODERNIZATION OF TIME: A new book from History of Art Professor André Dombrowski knits together the works of artists like Claude Monet and the nature of time as it emerges in its present-day form

Thursday, March 28, 2024 | By Katelyn Silva | OMNIA Magazine

For many Impressionist painters, capturing a fleeting moment—what’s known as “instantaneity” in Claude Monet’s own words—became a popular theme for their work, especially during a period in history when society was grappling with the emergence of modern timekeeping.

In his new book, Monet’s Minutes: Impressionism and the Industrialization of Time, André Dombrowski, Frances Shapiro-Weitzenhoffer Associate Professor of 19th Century European Art in History of Art delves into the subject, arguing that Monet’s celebration of instantaneity was more than just a simple aesthetic choice. Rather, it was deeply rooted in the shift during Monet’s lifetime toward a world increasingly concerned with keeping accurate time and the technologies invented to do so.

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