Remote Control

December 10, 2016 - January 21, 2017

"Remote Control" envisages the myriad manifestations of the approach of bodies and beings to form: the ways that material and memory (individual, collective) speak to and reign over one another - remotely or directly - reciprocally determining the ontological potential of each in turn. In the context of the technological overflow of our contemporary moment, “remote control” signals the invisible, unpredictable, frequently image-based forces that occupy lived and psychic experience. But the words contain another meaning: to control remotely, barely or from afar. This is a relationality that is abstracted and tenuous. As meanings shifts, it morphs, opening up spaces for play, experimentation, and productive tensions.

The work of the four artists on view—Danielle Cartier, Christopher Richards, Alex Snowden, Kasey Toomey—variously investigates these questions of control. Danielle Cartier puts the histories of painting and printmaking in conversation, constructing a visual dialogue through collage that absorbs the anxieties of our image-saturated world and the forms it projects onto and into our visual space. Christopher Richards’ multimedia work expands concepts of frame to question the influence of technology and “screen culture” over language and subjectivity. In her large sculptural works, Alex Snowden probes the effects of memory and kinship and the way that color, material, and form echo and analogize past experiences and relationships. The intentionality and language of objects inform Kasey Toomey’s artwork and writing, in which he expands the limits of an object’s use and our lived experience of it, confusing the approach and undermining the “control” of the viewer.

"Remote Control" was co-curated by Jessica Hough and Francesca Richman as the fifth exhibition of the Incubation Series. The exhibition was on view from December 10th, 2016 to January 21st, 2017, at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, 319A N 11th Street, Suite 2H, Philadelphia.