March 3 - 24, 2017

From one moment to the next, from one place to another, from state to state, thought to thought, meaning to meaning. Whether conscious or unconscious, physical or psychological, passages constellate the human experience in situations of territorial, psychological, ceremonial, bodily, and social transitions.

But can these liminal states be isolated, described, analyzed, and stably defined? Are we to understand passages as personal or communal phenomena? Or could we conceive of a passage as the vehicle to mediate between binaries, a channel through which the individual and universal elements of a culture can overlap, collide, and modify one another? This show understands the notion of passage as a productive oscillation between the subjective and the objective, the magical and the scientific, the individual and the collective.

"passages" was hosted by FJORD Gallery (400 N American Street, Suite 105, Philadelphia) from March 3-24, 2017. The exhibition featured the work of Laura Carlson, Yaochi Jin, Jeremy Jirsa, and Jiwon Woo. "passages" was curated by Francesca Ferrari and Laurel McLaughlin.