Moving In

February 8 - March 8, 2019

"Moving In" presented opportunities to not only dwell upon, but within, another’s experience. The artists in this exhibition explored the mutability of space and time by inhabiting alternative perspectives, both physically and psychically, to account for the overlooked or misunderstood. In recognizing their unique positions, each artist examined the various ways we occupy space as active participants, whether through displacement or cohabitation, to consider the inherent repercussions.

A feeling of place or home becomes a persistent point of contention, as these artists also considered who and what has existed before and amongst us. Memories help navigate this volatility and are held in structures, photographs, gestures, and other commonplace items. And through their remnants and accumulations, they often conjure a vicarious sense of identity. These artists took pause to reflect upon how their interactions with these vestiges and stand-ins question the familiar and bring notice to the routine motions of everyday life.

Borrowing different voices, Rami George pieced together parts of stories embedded in vernacular structures and photographs to uncover a shared, but unknown history. And through her photographs and video work, Nova Göthlin tapped into storytelling, sparse settings, and rural life to inhabit the psychological and physical spaces that accompany the sensation of solitude. Mengda Zhang considered the impact of various kinds of developments, ranging from cultured microbes, surging populations, and degenerative illness to reflect upon the migration of her own family.

"Moving In" was the thirteenth exhibition in the Incubation Series, a student-led initiative that fosters new ways of making, exhibiting, and seeing art. Founded in 2015, the Series is a collaboration between students in the Fine Arts and History of Art graduate programs at the University of Pennsylvania. The Series showcases the work of MFA students in focused and conceptually rigorous exhibitions, while also offering an opportunity for art history graduate students to expand their curatorial practices. Each academic year, the Incubation Series team produces several exhibitions throughout Philadelphia’s thriving art scene, allowing participants to build gallery relationships, engage with peers outside of campus, and test exhibition strategies.

This exhibition was hosted by FJORD, 1400 N. American Street, #105 Philadelphia, PA 19122, and was co-curated by Lauren Downing and Tyler Shine. Click HERE for the press release.